Since 1989, HealthChem, Inc. has been providing quality contract project services for high-tech industry nationwide.
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  Semiconductor Manufacturing
Lab and Point-of-Use RO/DI Water and Ultrahigh Purity Water Systems
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems
CuCMP Wastewater and HF Treatment Systems
  Western Enterprises Gas Distribution Systems
Interstitial Services including Exhaust Duct Diagnosis and Repair
Healthcare Facilities
Medical Gas Systems - Gas Manifolds with NFPA 99 Alarms
Western Medica Manifolds and Components
Room Medical Gas Connectors (all styles)
Isolation and Waiting Room Design
BioPharmaceutical Manufacturing
Process System Engineering, Fabrication, Commissioning/Validation
Reference List from CFPA Course - Design, Engineering and Validation of BioPharm Process Systems
Utility System Fabrication, Commissioning/Validation
Preventative Maintenance SOP Preparation/Contract Services
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